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with over 10 years in the field of energy medicine & healing i can say with confidence that breathwork is the most effective meditative discipline that delivers results from the first time... every time! 


whether you are looking to remove obstacles & blocks, gain clarity & insight, or just reach a state of emotional/mental balance & peace, breathwork is the fastest way to reach your goal!

but what is breathwork? 

why is it so effective?

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if you read what i shared about reiki/angelic energy healing, you now know how your energy can be influenced by lower-vibration thoughts & emotions.  

let's take it a step further...

the main reason that lower frequency energies can get stuck, is that these energies are accompanied by a shortening of the breath.

without the breath, there is no life...  period. 
when we come into this world we take our first inhale.

when leave this world, we take one final exhale.

our breath manages the energy that gives us life!

the period between that first inhale & that final exhale is a process we call LIFE which is filled with challenges, stresses, & traumas. 

if we let them, those energies can & do get trapped.

however, just as shallow breathing can trap energy in the body,

deeper breathing has the power to release it!  it's a 2-way street. 

however, if patterns of negative thoughts & emotions have existed for years,

it takes some very focused breathing to release those energies that have built up.



B.O.C.A. breathwork (Breath Of Conscious Awareness) is an

active meditation that has the power to…

• Release deeply held emotions/traumas you’ve accumulated over years/lifetimes

• Reset your nervous system making depression & anxiety a thing of the past

• Enhance your immune system, strengthening your viral & bacterial defenses

• Heal the energetic origin of chronic & mysterious pains/illnesses

• Dissolve addictions & other unconscious, self-sabotaging habits faster

• Help you reach deeper states of meditation, which benefits all areas of your life

• Grant you easier access to higher states of consciousness and awareness

• Give you deeper insight & greater mental clarity about life decisions

• Enhance your overall mood increasing a sense of inner well-being

• Instill confidence to face the known & unknown challenges in your life

Millions of people around the world have benefited from this work,

but that won’t change a thing in your life,

unless YOU try it for YOURSELF!!

You are sure to talk about this experience for years to come and, if you deem it worthy enough, share the experience with others so they too can enjoy the shifts you are sure to experience. 

75 min



this work can be greatly magnified when performed in a group setting & i highly encourage this a more powerful (& affordable) experience as the group energy can magnify the individual shifts in each participant.

if you are interested in hosting a private group breathwork event with family or friends, just click the button below so we can coordinate.

there is a minimum of 6 attendees and a maximum of 20.   whomever is hosting the event, will attend for FREE!  just ensure that there is plenty of room for at least 6 yoga mats on level ground, either inside or outside with at least 6" of space between them. 

the breathwork will be performed lying down.

pricing varies on location and # of attendees...
please inquire below for any additional questions or details!

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