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breathwork for christians

deeper communion with god...

Matthew 6:22 - "if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light"

luke 17:21 - "the kingdom of heaven is within you"

but how do we activate the single eye in order to experience the kingdom within?

the answer is simpler than you think!


the holy spirit, or the "comforter" as jesus called it, is all around us... even in the air we breathe! 


with our every breath we are receiving this aspect of god that not only gives us life, but also has the power to heal us on every level.

when jesus said, "if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light" he was referring to our inner eye, that single eye in the center of our brains... the pineal gland! 


science has shown that the pineal gland has the ability to "see" because it has rods & cones just like our outer eyes do. 


in fact, the pineal gland is what allows us to see things in our "mind's eye", use our imaginations, & experience such vivid dreams with our outer eyes closed.


breathwork is a method of breathing that activates that inner eye & allows us to see into the "kingdom of heaven within" ourselves. 

i encourage you, to join me as we explore the kingdom of heaven within, through the breath (holy spirit) for a deeper communion with him.

the word of god is healing, but there is nothing that can replace a direct experience.

gather your fellow christians and let's facilitate a group breathwork experience to commune with god in a deeper way!

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