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The Circle 

The studies have been done, the measurements have been taken and the evidence is in... 


Science has proven that prayer, meditation, visualization, and intentions have a positive, healing effect on humans and other living things.  [A simple google search will yield plenty of studies for your perusal]  And now that science has caught up, how long will it take the public to catch up to science? 

Everything is energy!  You've probably heard this a LOT lately and it's because science finally agrees with what mystics and quantum physicists have been saying for decades, even centuries. 


"Everything" includes every-thing, from satellite and microwaves, to waves of emotion and vibrating chords that make sounds, that we call words.


Using this basic principle, I and a few other masters began to field requests for healing.  Although we are staunch believers in this principle, we were still blown away by the results our clients were receiving - and so were their doctors!

Seeing the power of group intention in action, I decided to open the group to a few other heart-based healers and make this energy more widely-accessible for those who don't have, or may need to feel, additional Divine support.

Consider THE CIRCLE a form of energetic healthcare where a group of master healers focus their energies - thought, emotion, prayer and healing intention - on your energy each week.  All you need to do is email or text your full name, city, state, and country.  Click here to submit request.

*If you are requesting a petition for someone else, the same is requirements apply.  

For centuries, mystics have said that "dis-ease" begins in the energy field.  Now, you can either wait for science to catch up, again... or just trust, and move closer to greater well-being NOW...

Maggie is a not only a renowned healer with 30+ years experience, she is also a clear channel, an super-empath, and a rare animal communicator.  Her connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realms is also beyond question. 

Debra is truly a one-of-a-kind healer.  She has a pure heart and always wants to help.  With more than 15 years experience as a healer 0n many levels, she brings a VERY unique, heart-centered energy to The Circle.

Julia is hard to describe... her work is literally "out of this world".  She is a cosmic channel of Divine Light whose only interest is in your soul's "liberation".  She assists by channeling a very high vibration into the hearts of those with whom she works.  

Elena is not only a Reiki Master with 10+ years experience but also an angelic artist. Working with the Angelic realms, she also offers intuitive guidance to her clients.  A true angel on Earth.

Christine is a unique healer.  Her energy is powerful, and her intuition is strong.  True to her craft, she works with her heart and intuition to channel light to her clients all around the country.

** If you would like to experience a healing with any of the talented healers listed, please just send a text or call (310) 491-4536 and I will promptly connect you! 

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