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Every BODY needs a massage. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom, an athlete, corporate executive, or anything in between, YOU NEED A MASSAGE. I can list the medical benefits of improved blood flow, immune system, mood, etc etc but the plain fact is, that until we feel good in our bodies, it's hard to truly enjoy life.

Face it, you're not mindful of your posture while sitting nor standing, you have no idea how you're supposed to use your body and when you do, you're most likely doing properly. As a therapist now for over a decade, I've seen and heard what people think stretching is. Not even close! So, with all that misuse, what did you expect would happen over time?

Most people just attribute it to "I'm just getting old" when in-fact, if you had gotten as many massages as you got oil changes for your car(s), you wouldn't be in chronic pain or discomfort. If you have an injury you haven't properly healed from, the whole body can start to go into dysfunction easily and rapidly until you're walking funny, or having trouble walking at all. Massage can help ameliorate all of that.

In addition to the medical and physical benefits mentioned above, there are also emotional and mental benefits that are hard to quantify. They are things that you feel for hours or even days after proper professional massages... more on that in the next blog.

For now... do yourself a favor, move your body, stretch and get massages at least once a month to maintain this amazing and utterly invaluable machine... your body.

I'm here to help!

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