No matter how you found me... it was meant to be!


If you have found me, I assure you it’s because there are some major changes happening, or about to happen, in your life... and I am here to support you through the shifts.


At Inner Shift Healing, it is our mission to help you to dissolve your limiting beliefs and conditioning that hold you back in life, love, and purpose and catalyze your healing, growth and expansion on all levels.


With the belief that everything is energy, we employ many tools including Reiki and other modalities of energy healing, Reiki Massage, and Breathwork Meditation to help shift and heal your energy, allowing for more abundant flow in all areas of your life.

I also believe that through God... ALL things are possible ... and I look forward to helping you create a shift in your life that will bring happiness, health, prosperity and love to heights previously unimagined.

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