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No matter how you found me... it was meant to be!

If you are reading this, rest assured that major shifts are coming for you and I can support you through them.

Inner Shift Healing is based on the belief that our external environment is just a reflection of our inner condition and, as we heal our inner condition, our outer world begins to reflect it.


I use tools such as Angelic/Reiki Energy Healing & B.O.C.A. Breathwork Meditation to dissolve blocks; Intuitive Spiritual Counseling to activate a new awareness within; and quantum healing massage to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your body again!

It is my mission to help catalyze your healing, growth, awareness and expansion in life, love, purpose, and passion!

Join the SMS Club for news, insights, and discounts on events and services!!

Thanks for joining the SMS Club, we look forward to connecting with you more personally!

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