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It was 2010 and I was living...  I had a high-paying corporate career, lots of friends, an amazing social life filled with “recreational fun” until one day, I began to feel as though my life had ZERO meaning, substance, or depth.  I felt like a hamster on a wheel, sharing a large cage with a bunch of other hamsters and their wheels.

Soon my recreational indulgences became a BIG problem, leaving me addicted to illicit substances, depressed, and even in trouble with the law. I found myself out of control and knocking on death’s door when a cocaine overdose almost killed me.  I called out to God and my life was instantly spared.  In the aftermath of this miraculous event, it became evident that something had to change.

Battling the voices of insecurity, regret and fear... my desire to be happy and fulfilled took over, and I was directed to an intuitive card reader who told me that I was meant to be a “healer”.  The look of confusion on my face was enough for her to being giving me some examples to contemplate.   


Being a healthy skeptic, I kept asking other intuitive people to see if they would offer something different... something that made sense... for me.  Needless to say, that was not the case.


The 4th and final intuitive (a VERY well-known, internationally recognized intuitive) was giving a talk at a bookstore and decided to "read" 4 random people in the audience.  I and 3 other lucky souls were chosen in a crowd of over 40 people. 


Massage Therapist (2012)

Reiki Master (2012)

Breathwork Facilitator (2018)

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor (2012)

I asked her a vague question: "Am I supposed to be doing what I am doing now, or something else?"  Her response, while comical, was a bit vague, until she finally blurted out, "You know you're a healer, right?!?!" 

That statement led to my first emotional catharsis. For the first time, I FELT it to be true and began to weep uncontrollably in front of a bunch of strangers.  As the tears poured from my eyes, energy coursed through my body with a force that left me shaking. 

I spent the next few months asking for clarity as to what type of healer I was to become.  Eventually I was was synchronistically led to Reiki Energy Healing, Angelic Communication, and Medical Massage.  


Eagerly completing my studies in Massage, Angelic Counseling, and reaching Reiki Master level, I was ready to begin my life's work.  After being rejected by almost every spa in a 20 mile radius, I was left with no other choice than to begin my own practice. On May 1st, 2012 Inner Shift Healing (previously On The Table) was born and quickly rose to the #1 rated healing massage practice in Los Angeles.

Since then, I have been witness to many miraculous and supernatural events including: encounters with angels and other loving spirits; waking visions; channeling; spirit-overlay; levitation; entity removals; out of body experiences (OBE's); disembodied voices; lucid dreaming: astral travel; past life recollections; visitations from holy figures and gurus; and much more that defy science, logic and reason.  Thankfully these events also deepened my faith and connection to the Divine. 

These experiences since my initial awakening have helped me to peek beyond the veil of our current existence and completely shift my life into one of passion, purpose, and healing. 


I now TRULY believe that through God... ALL things are possible... and I look forward to helping you create a shift in your life that will bring happiness, health, prosperity and love to heights previously unimagined.

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