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angelic reiki healing

what is angelic reiki healing

is it real? 

how does it work? 


these are just a few of the questions i regularly answer regarding this work, so i decided to write it all out so i don't have to keep repeating myself.  :) 


i like to explain energy healing from a scientific perspective to help people to really understand how this practice works. 


stick with me, because your understanding will greatly increase your chances of receiving major healing with minimum effort.  whether from a distance or in-person.


i call this energy "reiki/angelic" because when this photo of my hand was taken, the energy that came from my palm looked like geometrically shaped angel wings.

everything in this physical world of matter is made up of atoms, yes?  basic science. 

but what are atoms made up of? 


I'm glad you asked! 


according to the latest science... anything smaller than an atom is just energy.  meaning it is not physical.  but it can still be experienced.  think about the wind, or light from the sun on your skin.  we are able to experience these energies although they are not physical. 

energy vibrates in wave patterns that are measured in terms of frequency (the space between 2 waves).  depending upon the strength (amplitude) of those waves combined with the frequency, an object can appear either MORE or LESS... solid.

the lower the frequency, the more solid or tangible something can seem. 

the higher the frequency, the less solid or tangible something can seem.

every human body has a field of energy around it that western science calls a "bio-electric field".  eastern science calls it an "aura".  the aura is made up of electromagnetic waves of energy that not only interact with the "physical" body, but the "physical" world around us as well.

this field is in constant motion & this movement is propelled through a system of energy vortexes called "chakras" that constantly spin & move our energy around & through our body. 


fun fact:  it just so happens that these chakras line up perfectly with the major nerve ganglia in our physical body & and are in constant contact with our peripheral & central nervous system.

Kevin's Aura Image.jpg

when this energy is flowing well through these vortexes (chakras) we experience feelings, through our nervous system, of happiness, confidence, joy, peace & physical health. 


if this energy becomes stagnant, we experience feelings of sadness, insecurity, fear, tiredness, moodiness, & even physical illness.  our nervous system advises us as to the health of all of our physical organs.

what can cause my energy to stagnate?  good question!!


thoughts & emotions even though invisible, are also measurable frequencies that can and do affect not only your energy field but also your physical body. 

loving & happy thoughts have a high vibration.  fearful or sad thoughts have a low vibration.  these thoughts then influence our emotions & create a cycle that can either positively, or negatively affect our energy & eventually, our physical body.

if you are having lower vibration thoughts... they create lower vibration emotions... & a negative cascade of low-frequency energy begins to stagnate our normally free-flowing aura.  these energies, if left unattended, eventually create blocks to the flow of our energy field.   Think of boulders in a stream, or putting mud in a drain.  the water in that stream now has obstacles to its flow.  and that drain is going to get clogged & and soon nothing will flow through  it smoothly.

this is where reiki/angelic energy healing comes in!!!

a reiki practitioner acts like an "energy plumber" to get your energy unclogged & moving freely again so that your field & your body come back to a state of balanced energy flow, leading to vibrant energy & physical health.

yes, it's THAT simple...

I could go on but i think you get the picture, so i am just going to thank you for your patience and hope you learned something today!

click the button below to set up a free consultation & i look forward to connecting with you soon!

75 min


6ct series - $1,200
($200/session - save $300)

to be completed in 6 months

12ct series - $1,920

($160/session - save $1,100)

to be completed in 12 months

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