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need ideas for an extraordinary ladies night??

try breathwork!! 

it will be a night to remember!!

whether you are currently unemployed, a business professional, stay-at-home mom, college student, single mother, artist, musician, engineer, nurse or anything in between, you will find this powerful meditative technique to be life-changing... guaranteed!!

no matter who you are, or what you do, this experience has the power to rejuvenate your soul, relieve major stress/trauma, heighten intuition, heal your heart, increase creativity, instill confidence, provide clarity, & even achieve higher states of consciousness... QUICKLY!

people everywhere are starting to talk about it, & even the media

are catching on calling it "the new yoga". 

if you want to more details about breathwork, including how & why it is so effective,

click here now!

get the girls together to explore a new method of meditation that will instantly take your practice to a whole new level!!

a night to remember!! 

shake things up a bit!!  expand your horizons & raise your frequency with this new meditative experience that guarantees results every time...

even the first time.

groups start at a minimum of 6 participants at just $50/ea

(normally $250 for a single private session)

if you are willing to host the event, i will come to  facilitate this experience

\in the comfort of your own home!

all you need is enough space for 6 yoga mats comfortably-spaced either indoors or out, and you are ready to experience the power of this new meditation that is sweeping the nation!

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