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The Angel Bracelet Series

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Each of these bracelets were Divinely inspired and carry blessings with them from the Archangels and Angels of Healing that enhance their properties and imbue the Angelic vibration in and around your field.  Notice the happy synchronicities that result from actively wearing these bracelets daily.




Howlite (white beads) reminds us that true transformation starts from within. It creates a thirst for self-awareness while aiding in the expression of the emotional body, too often hidden in the subconscious by our ego.  Howlite also brings a sense of purity.


Onyx (black bead) is a powerful stone of protection, strength and grounding, which promotes wise decision-making. Onyx also absorbs and transmutes negative energy while promoting emotional strength.


Silver (the rings) was added to this bracelet to help strengthen the connection of the physical and astral body as well as enhance the properties of the other gemstones. Silver also aids in detoxification of the physical body.




Blue Kyanite assists the connection of your third eye and crown chakras for deeper knowledge and understanding. Kyanite never needs clearing and is a perfect stone for energy healers/psychics encouraging greater intuition.


Rose Quartz aligns with the vibration of universal love (your high heart chakra) helping to purify and open the heart for deep inner healing and self love. 


Amethyst soothes and calms the nervous system, assisting in the dissolution of emotional irritability, boosting spiritual awareness (crown chakra) and Divine communication, while encouraging greater mental clarity.


We truly hope you enjoy these bracelets, either in a “stack”, or individually.  Either way, these bracelets will encourage healing and synchronicities along your journey.


Whichever you choose, please actively wear them by invoking the presence of the angels each time you touch or adjust the bracelets with a prayer such as:"Thank you angels for always guiding me and supporting every area of my life in known and unknown ways".  Let these bracelets be a reminder that you are ALWAYS SUPPORTED by the angelic realm, each time you ask for help.


Much love and stay gratefully connected!


Kevin and The Angels

Choosing a size: Measure your wrist with a measuring tape, then 0.5" and round UP the nearest half-size. 

If your wrist measures 7.1", then a 7.5" will most likely be the best fit.

If your wrist measures 7.6" then an 8" will most likely be the best fit.

 ~ 6" (recommended for children 6 - 13 years old)

 ~ 6.5" (most teens)
~ 7" - 7.5"(most young adults and adult women)

 ~ 8"(most adult men)

If you require a bracelet larger than 8", or smaller than 6", just tell us and we will make a custom fit at no extra cost.

Please include the TYPE (Kyanite, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst) and SIZE of the bracelet(s) in the note field upon checkout along with any other pertinent information and will ship them to you... for free*  Please ensure the correct address shows in your PayPal account.

*Shipping for international orders are not free, unfortunately.


If you require a bracelet larger than 8", or smaller than 6", just tell us and we will make a custom fit at no extra cost.

Looking forward to hearing how your gratitude for the angels' help has helped you to heal and experience more happy coincidences in your life.

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