The Angel Bracelet Series

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These beautiful bracelets were Divinely inspired AND blessed to bring the energies of Heart Expansion, Harmony, Intuition, Wisdom and Healing to those who are called to wear them. Each bracelet is ceremoniously-infused with blessings of high vibrations and intentions for your healing, protection, and guidance.  

Each bracelet features a Howlite band with varying centerpieces depending on what vibe, you wish to imbibe.  Howlite is meant to help us all look within ourselves for the answers, and remind us that all outer change, begins from within. 


The Silver rings raise the vibration of these energies, and the Black Opalite ground them into your field. 


While the Amethyst centerpiece focuses on healing (esp. the higher chakras), Rose Quartz focuses on opening the heart, and Kyanite heightens your spiritual gifts of intuition, clarity and subtle-sense communication.  Free shipping in the U.S.

Choosing a size: Measure your wrist with a measuring tape, then 0.5" and round UP the nearest half-size.  If your wrist measures 7.1", then 7.5" will most likely be the best fit. If your wrist is 7.4" or 7.6" then you're probably better off with the 8" bracelet.

Please specify the size you wish in the special instructions field during checkout.

 ~ 6" (recommended for children 6 - 13 years old)

 ~ 6.5" (most teens and young adults)
~ 7", 7.5"(most adult women)

 ~ 8"(most adult men)


*If you need one larger than 8" or smaller than 6" just tell us, we will make it custom for you at no extra charge. 

How to use these special bracelets: 

Every time you adjust the bracelet on your wrist to bring the centerpiece BACK to center, make a simple, silent, and heart-felt statement of gratitude to your guardian angel. 


Example: "Thank you Guardian angel for guiding me and supporting my mission here on Earth.  Thank you for always being by my side." 

Looking forward to hearing your angel stories, as well as how this bracelet has positively affected your life!!


- Kevin