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Being a stylist isn't easy!  On your feet all day, stooping, bending, flexing, knees locked, low back hurting, shoulders hiked up to your ear lobes, all while carrying equipment, stiffening you up.  Not to mention that you just played therapist for hours as your clients confide in you.


The result... A ton of satisfied clients... and 1 spent stylist.

Male stylist.jpg
Female stylist.jpg

I've got your back! 


My name is Kevin and I specialize in a type of massage called Quantum Healing Massage that removes  built up tension in and around the spine in a very short period of time


I have spent the last 10 years perfecting this type of massage for the major areas that affect not only your spine, but your entire body. Most people are completely unaware of how tight there muscles and body are, until I begin to unwind them. 


This is the most complete massage of the shoulders/neck, back/hips/glutes and will leave your feeling not only relieved, but on a high for days after your massage.


The feeling of freedom after the session is unmistakable as your shoulders feel lower, neck looser, hips more fluid, and spine more relaxed.

In addition to the physical toll on your body, your energy takes a bit of a beating too as your inviting and open nature unknowingly absorbs your clients' energy, leaving you tired or nearly drained some days.


Quantum Healing Massage is infused with energy healing that will re-harmonize your energy, keeping you grounded and balanced so you can pursue your passion without reservation.  This massage will also raise your vibration so that you become the force of influence, shifting your clients' energy.  What a great bonus!

this is a photo a friend took where a light anomaly appeared to be coming from the palm of my right hand.

I'm going to be bold and say that this will be the most complete massage you have ever had in your life... guaranteed!!  OK, obviously I can't guarantee that, but I just wanted to stress how confident I am that I can help you. 


Don't take my word for it... There are over 250 real reviews and text screenshots on Yelp and Google of mostly shocked, but also very pleased clients.  Please SAVE THIS PAGE because it has a VERY special rate just for you!  For stylists I am offering a full hour long massage, in the comfort of your own home, for only $150.  Also, please do not share this rate with anyone else, unless they too are stylists or in the beautification profession.

Call or text (310) 491-4536 and let's get you feeling better in your body!

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