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quantum healing massage

what makes a massage, a healing experience at the same time?  


is it just a series of strokes with music playing in the background? 


or is it an experience that is uniquely tailored to your

physical & energetic needs?

for me, it's the latter and i hope it is for you too

quantum healing massage (previously Reiki Massage) marries medical massage, swedish massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, sacred lomi, and energy healing to deliver the most relaxing, uplifting and healing massage experience! 


a truly unique experience on every level.

for more detail on energy healing, please read the healing page on this site.

massage and healing are not my work, they are my passion and an integral part of my life’s mission and purpose.


i am well-versed in many areas that other therapists find challenging such as:

the neck/shoulders

the chest (which affects the neck, shoulder blades & upper back);

the piriformis and the gluteals (for sciatic and or low back trouble)

the hip flexors (which greatly affect the low back)…

you can trust that you are in great hands

this is a "valet" massage service... so i come to you!

90 minutes - $350 single

* discounted massage bundles Available *

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