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quantum healing massage


massage has evolved... 


gentle music and a one-size-fits-all approach is just not going to take away the years of misuse that have piled up in your muscles and joints.  not to mention the stress.   and it surely won't correct the issues permanently. 

it's time to ask more from your massage...


it's time for the most precise, effective and restorative massage experience!

quantum healing massage does what other massages cannot.  it heals the issues in your tissues making way for permanent change, giving you your freedom back. 


a uniquely tailored healing massage experience that not only addresses

your physical body but balances your energy bodies as well.  hence "quantum"

quantum healing massage is a harmonious blend of Medical Massage (for precision), as well as other modalities including swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, trigger point, sacred lomi, and even energy healing, for therapy and relaxation.

for more detail on energy healing, please read the healing page on this site.

massage and healing are not just my work, they are my passion and an integral part of my life’s mission and purpose.


i am well-versed in many areas that other therapists find challenging such as:

the neck/shoulders/upper back/chest

(which affects the neck, shoulder blades & upper back);

the piriformis and the glutes

(for sciatic and or chronic low back issues)

the hip flexors and legs

(which greatly affect mobility, flexibility and the low back)…

after delivering a uniquely-tailored massage, I will show you why your body is experiencing discomfort or pain, and what you can do to easily regain your

flexibility and strength.

expect less pain, discomfort, and weakness, and more flexibility and strength!

you deserve the best...


with over 11 years experience and more than 250 5-star reviews
on Yelp and Google... 
you know you're in great hands.

90 minutes - $400

3ct series - $1,050

($350/massage - save $150)

expires in 3 months

6ct series - $1,800

($300/massage - save $600)

expires within 6 months

12ct series - $3,000

($250/massage - save $1,800)

expires within 12 months

24ct couples' series - $4,800

($200/massage - save $4,800)

expires within 12 months

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