the c.h.i. massage

what makes a memorable massage?   is it just a series of strokes with flute music playing in the background?  or is it an experience tailored to your specific needs?


the c.h.i. massage experience begins with an assessment of your body’s posture, structure, mobility & flexibility and is then tailored to your unique physical & energetic needs.

previously called Reiki Massage, the c.h.i. massage is a Complete, Holistic, & Integrative Massage that marries multiple massage modalities and techniques with energy healing, to deliver a unique experience on the deepest levels. 


it truly is an art form, especially when delivered with passion... from the heart. 


with the art of massage... YOU are my canvas.

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can you feel it?

massage and healing are not my work, they are my passion and an integral part of my life’s mission and purpose.


i am thorough and well-versed in areas that many other therapists find challenging… such as the neck; the chest (which affects the neck, shoulder blades & upper back); the piriformis (for sciatic trouble); and the psoas (which affects the low back)… all leading to the deepest level of healing each time.

the c.h.i. massage is an experience your body will remember, for years to come!

90 minutes