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If you're one of those people that tells your nearly 200lb massage therapist to "lean into you" even though you only weight about 110 pounds... I've got some news for you. YOU DON'T NEED DEEP TISSUE!!

Most people mistakenly think they need deep tissue when what they actually need is someone who is aware of how the body works, how to get past it's layers, how to go deep without too much discomfort but with greater result.

A good therapist can "trick" the body into letting go, of ITSELF so that your massage therapist can go deeper naturally without the unnatural, bone-cracking force you are used to. Pain does not encourage the body to loosen up.

Those who like to be tortured instead of getting a REAL massage, will at some point realize that they will "need" deeper and deeper tissue just to feel some sort of relief. That's because If your body is guarding and protecting (stiffness) it is doing that for a reason. If you just break through the defenses, the body will recruit more tissue and the area will get tighter and tighter after subsequent deep tissue massage.

Please give your body a break and find a therapist who knows the body (anatomically and mechanically) so they can use precision to release your knots, and restore your body to proper function.

You don't know one? I'm here. With over 11 years experience in medical massage and other healing techniques, you know you are in great hands. Refer to the blog regarding Quantum Healing Massage, or go directly to the massage page on my site to learn how massage has evolved.

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